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Last Update: 11/12/01  


(as in Thin and short for Lucky Elizabeth)

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Lucky Liz will be getting spayed soon and will be available shortly  thereafter so watch the Strays site (and here) for her.  She is an absolute doll who has raised 3 (whoops almost 4) beautiful kittens and taught us a lot about kittens and mothering little ones.  

She will soon move on from Foster Paradise to brighten up a new home with her wonderful chirps and loving personality.  

Could this be yours ? 

Strays Halfway House (630)351-3150

Snap Crackle (Benson) Pop
Kevin can't find a good picture of me here but I am now the cutest of the bunch. I've fallen from my title of Mr. Photogenic but never worry I'll be back. I've become the big boy of the collection.

And look how we've grown up.............

Snap Crackle Pop
My brothers have gone and I am in need of a home. ADOPTED 8-) ADOPTED 8-)

And a new adopted brother Lars

larsNoseOnBed.jpg (31976 bytes)


These kittens were available for adoption, please call Strays Halfway House at (630)351-3150 if you are looking for a companion.