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 Murphy & Marlowe

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Hello, we're Murphy and Marlowe.   We're Muessa's adopted boys.

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Marlowe is a white with tan male and Murphy is an orange tabby male. 

We are 8 weeks old and we're looking for a new home.

Sher (foster mom) has some great pics of us below.  Please take some time to check us out.


Murphy, that's me ! I'm the most playful little boy you'd ever meet.  I love people and love to play.

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 Here Marlowe and I are wrestling with sister Madeleine as referee.

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 Little brother Marlowe is getting the best of me but not for long.

Since you see who's on top, I'll introduce Marlowe.

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Hey, I'm Marlowe, I am the cuter of the pair.  Check out my best pics below.....

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 I am a cute little boy who loves to be in someone's lap..  I'm her little boy.

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 So after romping around and posing for pics, we tend to get tired.

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This is Uncle Larson, he is our newest friend in this place they call Foster Paradise.

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He's decided he likes us and we love him too.  Marlowe thinks Murphy will look just like Larson when he grows up.

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Only Uncle Larson is not the ham Murph is.

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Who me ?

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 Could you open your heart and your home to a couple of cute little kittens like us ? 

If so please call Strays at (630)351-3150.

We're waiting !!!!