A Strays Halfway House Foster Home.

Saving lives every day.


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 Hey, I'm Larson.  I am a little down on my luck as I landed on the streets.  

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Well maybe I'm lucky ? 

You see, the police picked me up and no one came looking for me.  Strays stepped in and I now have a foster home to stay in, at least until I find something else.   I'm looking for a more permanent place, could it be yours ?

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I am an orange tabby male who is about 2 years old.  I am fixed and front paw declawed.

I love people and like other cats too.  I have adopted some little kittens who think I'm their long lost uncle.  

We met here in this place called Foster Paradise.

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If you notice above, I have the coolest paws you will ever see.  I am polydactyl which means I have extra toes. 

 I actually have several of them that end up looking like thumbs on my front paws.

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I spent a short time at a kennel and when my old family didn't come looking, I met the folks at Strays.  Chris visited me at the kennel most every day and held me for my pics both above and below.

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I hope she hangs on as I'm slipppppppppin'.

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At the kennel, I was shy as I hung by the back.  At home, I am out and about.

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I love a good nap be it behind this box or sleeping in Kevin's closet.

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I am cute and cuddly and like to be held.

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The family who decides they have room for me now, will never regret taking a chance on meowwww.

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Do you have room in your home heart for me ? 

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If you would like to learn more about Larson, please call Strays at (630) 351-3150.