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Zoey has been adopted.

We'd like to introduce ZoeyZoey is a SLH tortie female who is two years old.

Zoey is a beautiful tortie with a unique split right down the front of her nose.

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Zoey loves people and will approach anyone from her best buddy to a complete stranger. 

Zoey loves baskets or any tight space she can burrow into.  The basket below is the kind which sit at the bottom of the stairs collecting stuff to bring up.  As soon as it was placed on the bed, Zoey commandeered it as her own. 

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After crawling in for the first time, the basket fell off the side of the bed :-( 

Zoey was a little spooked but as soon as we picked it up and returned it to the bed, Zoey hopped back in ready for more.   Most cats would never set foot near it again. 

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Zoey ? she can't wait for more.

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And then there is the other basket on the dresser which is "Zoey's basket".

She found this one on day one.  It is just the perfect size for one Zoey.  You couldn't fit a cat any larger than Zo'.   She's made for it.

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If there isn't a basket around for the nap, any old place will do.

At night she will make her own basket between your arm and your body to snuggle in for a comfortable night. 

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Zoey was available for adoption through Strays Halfway House.  If you have room in your heart and home for a wonderful girl such as she, please call Strays at 630-351-3150.

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