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 Cleo & Tim

Maddy's friends.


Hello, I'm Tim.  

I'm a male DSH brown tabby with white.

I'm on layover here at Foster Paradise while I'm looking for a family along with my sister Cleo.


Cleopatra  This one is POTM material.

Here's Cleopatra.  

My sister Cleo is a female DSH Calico.  We are 6 months old.  

Cleopatra (her given name) just doesn't roll off the tongue so most cats just call her Cleo.

Aren't we just the cutest ?

Here is another of our family pictures.  We don't look much alike.  

They tell us our sister who was adopted a few weeks back was a  tortie named Torie, so we're not surprised we're not twins.

One of our favorite past times is to while the day away watching the birds from this neat tree which comes with the maternity suite.  They tell us this room is usually used for the mom's who come to have kittens but since Zoey is taking up the primary real estate at the moment, we're diggin' this tree.

 Here is the sunny view early in the morning.  Here's the evening view from the 4th floor.   Here just a little too much flash.

Hey Cleo, you're hogging the picture.


Several times each day, we get a visit from our new friend Maddy.

 Mom calls these play dates. The play is such fun, well...... at least for Cleo.

This is our new friend Madeline, it always starts here.

Progresses to here and....

...and before you know it the world is a playground.

Cleo loves to rumble around with her whilst I sit back and supervise.

It is a rough job but someone must do it.

Quiet down girls. Really now I mean it, I have to.........

....nap you know. You can guess who taught me ths.


I will end,

with a short plea. 

Do you have room for Cleo or me ? 

Cleo and Timothy are available for adoption through Strays Halfway House.

If you have room in your heart and home, please call (630) 351-3150.