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Adopted  timOnThePorch-06.jpg (229714 bytes)  Adopted 

Timot'y was adopted to a wonderful new home today, Sunday December 23rd.

Hello, I'm Tim.  

I'm a male DSH brown tabby with white who is 9 months old.

I am a wonderful boy or so they say.  

Have you heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words ? 

Here is a sampling of my portfolio. 

timothy-11.jpg (54104 bytes) timothy-17.jpg (221180 bytes)

timothy-18.jpg (39119 bytes) timothy-21.jpg (199379 bytes) timothy-25.jpg (64289 bytes)

They say I photograph well and I am quite the character.

timothy-34.jpg (184231 bytes) timothy-53.jpg (49706 bytes) timothy-60.jpg (209641 bytes)

Photogenic is my middle name.  

Let's start with my name.  I came here as Tim, graduated to Timothy and now I'm just Timot'y. This is the clumsy spelling of Timothy.

Mom named me this cause I'm occasionally still very kitten clumsy. Timot'y just kind of fits.

 I land in some of the goofiest places.

timothy-22.jpg (67276 bytes) timothy-23.jpg (69690 bytes) timothy-24.jpg (69057 bytes)

timothy-25.jpg (64289 bytes) timothy-26.jpg (73144 bytes) 

I get so carried away with toys or people that I get stuck.....

timothy-62.jpg (52055 bytes)

timothy-58.jpg (52507 bytes) timothy-60.jpg (209641 bytes) timothy-61.jpg (219644 bytes)

... or take a tumble once in awhile.

timothy-21.jpg (199379 bytes)

So, as you have just seen, I love toys ! The little yellow mouse and I play for hours.

I am quite fond of him.

timothy-63.jpg (39173 bytes) timothy-55.jpg (205564 bytes) 

timothy-56.jpg (46923 bytes) 

timothy-57.jpg (193518 bytes) timothy-59.jpg (176181 bytes)

I like most anything to play with or climb.

timothy-64.jpg (51944 bytes) timothy-65.jpg (177707 bytes)

timothy-66.jpg (184581 bytes)

timothy-67.jpg (190226 bytes)

timothy-12.jpg (41019 bytes)   timothy-13.jpg (170874 bytes)   timothy-14.jpg (50894 bytes)

Another thing you should know, I love cats.  I have met many here in this place they call Paradise and there is not one I haven't taken a liking too.

I will walk up to any cat, I just love to have feline friends.  

They don't always love me but that doesn't stop me.

My best bud is Petey.

Timot'y, Charlie and Petey.

This is him next to Charlie.  He's the best bud one could ask for.  Charlie ? well he's the shy quiet type.

   timothy-02.jpg (183032 bytes)

Petey and I love to curl up in the cat napper....

 timothy-03.jpg (211324 bytes)

...watch the birds.....

timothy-04.jpg (197259 bytes)   timothy-05.jpg (128686 bytes)   

......cuddle.......and then.......

timothy-06.jpg (199100 bytes)

timothy-01.jpg (55633 bytes)

...rumble !

timothy-07.jpg (200423 bytes)   timothy-08.jpg (179122 bytes)   

He thinks he's tough but he's a softy at heart.

Kind of like me......

timothy-09.jpg (199292 bytes)   timothy-10.jpg (56930 bytes)   timothy-11.jpg (54104 bytes)

timothy-15.jpg (57344 bytes)

timothy-17.jpg (221180 bytes) timothy-38.jpg (60286 bytes)

Here is one of my other best companions, this is Maddie.

timothy-36.jpg (197621 bytes)

She has taught me the ropes in Foster Paradise and prepared me when Petey arrived.  

She enlisted my help to work off Petey's excess energy.  We tamed him quite quickly, he is now a well mannered young boy.

timothy-35.jpg (47622 bytes)

When its warm out like today, the three of us go on a field trip to the FPP (Foster Paradise Porch).  This little piece of paradise lets us be outside without being outside.  We love it and keep praying for more indian summer in December.

Pete and me.

After returning from our excursion to the porch...I get some cute poses in.

timothy-18.jpg (39119 bytes)   timothy-19.jpg (222948 bytes)   timothy-16.jpg (58878 bytes)

Before its back to play.  

timothy-20.jpg (51786 bytes)  

Have you ever encountered one of Kevin's shoes ? Oh what fun !

timothy-54.jpg (53959 bytes)

timothy-39.jpg (55420 bytes) timothy-40.jpg (52744 bytes) timothy-41.jpg (54498 bytes)

timothy-42.jpg (55880 bytes) timothy-43.jpg (51577 bytes) timothy-44.jpg (52349 bytes)

timothy-45.jpg (54169 bytes) timothy-46.jpg (51294 bytes) timothy-47.jpg (57321 bytes)

timothy-48.jpg (56807 bytes) timothy-49.jpg (52288 bytes) timothy-50.jpg (53601 bytes)

timothy-51.jpg (58783 bytes)  timothy-53.jpg (49706 bytes)

I leave you with one last pose, hope to meet you one day soon....remember to ask for Tim.

timothy-52.jpg (56069 bytes)

Timot'y is available for adoption through Strays Halfway House.

If you have room in your heart and home for a free spirit such as Timot'y, 

please call (630) 351-3150.

Tim's old page (w/Cleo)