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 (Pistol) Petey


Petey was adopted to a wonderful new home (with Maddie) January 11th. 

Hey, I'm Petey.  

 I am a 5 month old black male with medium length hair, beautiful whisps of gray and the cutest little tabby stripes when the light is just right.  I am neutered and front paw declawed.

I am looking for a new family.  I love this one but it's just temporary.  I'm looking for my forever home.

They used to call me Pistol Pete, you know, as in Maravich.  This was for my basketball prowess...NOT !

I have loads of names.  Lets see there's Pistol Pete, Peter, Pete (spoken in a stern voice when I get sidetracked in a plant), Peter Pumpernickel, Peterik and the one which stuck Petey.

Petey is the name for a cute little boy that anyone would love.

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petey-13.jpg (192034 bytes) Check out the fish.

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First off, I'd like to get straight to the Pistol thing.  I was a stinker, upon my arrival here in Foster Paradise.

I wrestled Maddie and Timot'y every chance I got.  You see, since I got lost I was living at the kennel and was cooped up in this cage with next to no one to play with.  I had a lot of pent up energy.  I'm just a kitten.

So when I got here, Mom, Maddie and Timot'y had an intervention planned.  First day mom would hold me and I'd jump all over Maddie.  Second day,  Mom would hold my back end and I jumped all over Maddie.  I then met Tim and well, yikes, he's bigger than me so you know what I do ? I jump all over him.  You know, I'm a kitten at heart, I do this stuff.  

Better Tim than the drapes :-) 

Here's me and Maddie enjoying our afternoon.

Rollin' around with Mad

Tim dishing out a little discipline.

Tim says "Show a little respect"

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So lest you think I'm a tough guy, here is the softer side of Petey.

Tim is my wrestling partner and my best buddy.

Tim, Charlie and I. Me and Tim.

That's Tim, Charlie and I on the left.


A bath for Tim. Hanging out. 

Here with a bath for Tim.


Watching the birds.  Cuddling :-) 

Watching the birds and just cuddlin'.


And just to show you just how popular I am, below is top cat in Foster Paradise.  His name is Licorice.  He likes no one but Mom. 

Here he happily shares the cat napper with me. I have been told that this has never been seen before. Legend has it that Licorice doesn't share anything with the fosters.  See, I'm special.  Of course, black cats are always special.


  Today we got to go out on the FPP (Foster Paradise Porch)..  Oh, what fun. Tim, Mad and I love to go out on the porch to watch the birds and smell the fresh air.  This allows us to be outside without going outside.

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So I mentioned I'm special right ?  and did I tell you I was a kitten ?   I'm growing up but still full of that kitten spirit.

Each and every time I find something new, I"m into it. I have to check out everything. 

Mom says "he's a kitten, that's what kittens do".

I would not want to let her down.


So what does "that's what kittens do" mean ?

petey-20.jpg (175948 bytes)  petey-15.jpg (152789 bytes) 

  They climb most anything they can find, best to make sure there is a jungle gym of some kind.


petey-12.jpg (138770 bytes)  petey-14.jpg (124285 bytes)

I help clean the cat boxes. One can never have enough clean ones.


petey-46.jpg (144388 bytes)

Sometimes we go down the hard way.


petey-51.jpg (181479 bytes)

Sometimes we go up the hard way.  Spider Petey.


  petey-16.jpg (177111 bytes)

Hey, what's this ? oooh, hot, I'll pass on this one.


petey-21.jpg (164476 bytes) 

Hey, what's up over there ? Can I help ?


petey-38.jpg (133119 bytes)

Anyone for chasing this ball round and round ?


petey-55.jpg (89001 bytes) petey-53.jpg (265982 bytes) petey-56.jpg (84602 bytes)

I help with the dishes.


petey-61.jpg (163680 bytes)

I.....well......uh....just sit here lookin' cute.  

Can you keep a secret ?


petey-27.jpg (132457 bytes) 

petey-29.jpg (165263 bytes)

Quick we best jump down from here before someone sees this nifty spot I've found.  


 Oh, we digressed, I am a kitten and need to check out everything.  

Sometimes you have to kick the tires a little and take it for a spin around the block.

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tpPete-06.jpg (36606 bytes)

tpPete-07.jpg (41698 bytes)

tpPete-08.jpg (44747 bytes)


Admiring my work.

tpPete-09.jpg (36326 bytes) tpPete-10.jpg (33532 bytes)

This is another first here in Foster Paradise.  No one has ever succeeded in both leaving the bath and making the first turn.  Just call me Petey Petty.


So I will leave you  with some of my best pics from the dining room table incident.  Another secret ? this is great Grandma Toth's crystal fruit bowl, about a hundred years old, they called her "the General", yikes.  Don't tell Mom.  I'm not particularly fond of antiques but this one fits me just perfect.  Soon I will be too big, I must make the most of it while I can.


If you would do well with a pal like me, please call and tell 'em you're looking for Petey.

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Petey is available for adoption through Strays Halfway House.  

Please call Strays at 630-351-3150.

Petey's old page here