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ADOPTED  Maddie, Maddie....Madeline  ADOPTED

Maddie was adopted January 11th to a wonderful new home (w/Petey).

  Hi, I'm Maddie.  

I am a female, 7 month old brown tabby with white, with semi-long hair.

All my brothers Mocha, Marshall, Murphy and Marlowe were adopted several months back.  They went to wonderful homes and now it is finally Madeline's turn.

This is a great spot up here.  This scratching pad is good for more than just scratchin'.  

I am a special needs kitty at the moment but there is hope I will grow out of this snortin' as I get older.

I developed an upper respiratory infection (URI) when I was about 7 weeks old.  All my brothers were healthy and found homes quickly.  My symptoms consist mostly of snorts, which occur when I rough-house too much with my friends, or when I clean myself.  And, I sometimes I breathe out of my mouth, for example, when sleeping.  I have never had any sneezing bouts or nasal discharge of any kind, so I'm lucky in that respect.

I was on antibiotics and am currently taking Interferon, to boost my immunity system.  My URI symptoms have improved over the last 3 months, and the vet said there is a 50/50 chance I could kick this completely in time.  If not, I will be on Interferon long-term, one week on and one week off.  It's a liquid medicine given once a day, which I don't mind.  The cost is $3 per month.  

I was isolated in the early days of my URI but now have been a member of the family here for many months and none of the vaccinated kitties here have caught anything from me.

Even if I am on meds long-term, I will give you back so much in return! 

maddie-17.jpg (177023 bytes)

I am a very loving girl.  

I'm a might on the shy side with strangers but great with my foster parents and all my pals here in Foster Paradise.

When the nephews come over (5 and 7 years old), I hide at first but once they coax me out of my hiding place, we play for hours.

Here are a couple pics Mom snapped of me out on the porch as the leaves were turning.  

I am quite proud of them.

maddie-08.jpg (197400 bytes)   maddie-10.jpg (222074 bytes)

I have beautiful brown tabby markings.  I sport a white Maine Coon-like mane, which some say is rather spiffy.   Most people just love my tail too.  I'll model it here.

maddie-16.jpg (222910 bytes)

I am somewhere between a short hair and a semi-long hair, with my tail being the bushiest.  

maddie-13.jpg (60032 bytes)    maddie-01.jpg (183702 bytes)

maddie-04.jpg (71033 bytes)

 I am a sweet girl looking for a new family.  

I'm quite popular here in Foster Paradise but need to clear out some room for the next kitty who is a little down on his luck.

I like to play with my friends and would love to be adopted with one of them, or have another young cat to play with.  I am very good with other cats and have made friends with all that I've met here.  

This is Petey and Timothy, who are also available for adoption.  They're the best buds a girl could ask for.

Petey, Maddie, Timothy   Petey, Timothy, Maddie

Here, Tim and I are taking an afternoon snooze in the cat napper.


And here is what Petey and I do most of the time.  

You know they sometimes call him, Pistol Pete.

 He's a little rough and tumble for a girl like me but I love him anyway.

Below as I begin to doze, I curl up right in the middle of the desk..

Beginning to snooze...........

Hey Mad' ?    You awake ?

That's Cuddle Bear, the black cat, checking on me.  He's amazed how far I've come and says he doesn't think I snore at all any longer.

Here's another of my finer moments.

maddyCatNapper.jpg (204702 bytes)

And lest you think I'm looking like a just a napper.

This is 6 stories worth of records, its just a hop and a jump from the napper to the scanner to the penthouse.

Kevin just loves it when I get up here ;-)

You don't quite get the whole picture here so I asked him to pull back a little.

Top of the old rock candy mountain.

I'm mad about you........    He thought he'd hide the speakers up here so us kittens couldn't find them.  

Going down...................   One last pose before......   You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant.....

Aren't the fall trees beautiful ?

So, I'll bid you adieu and hope to hear from you soon. 

This is my best pic !

If you have room in your heart and home for someone special like Maddie......

Maddie is available for adoption through Strays Halfway House.  

Please call Strays at 630-351-3150.