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JJava was adopted to a wonderful new home December 15th 2001J

Hey, I'm Java.

I am a black long haired male who is fixed and four paw declawed.  The vet guessed I was about 6 years old. 

These pics are rough, we've set up some photo sessions to try to improve on these so keep your eye out for more.

Kev says that black cats are hard to photograph.

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In the mean time, I have settled in here in Foster Paradise thanks to the folks at Strays.   

I am a beautiful boy who loves to have my tummy rubbed.

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I like to sleep with you at night, not on top of you but in the vicinity.

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So far the highlight of my web page is these..........

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 "the tongue shots".


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I will almost always flop down on the floor in front of you and beg for a tummy rub.

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I have met a few of the fosters here in Paradise and we are getting along quite well. 

So if you've already got a cat or two, I'd fit right in.


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Ain't this a beaut' of a pose ? 


So if you think you are in need of a little feline companionship, give a call and say you'd like to meet Jav'.

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Java is available for adoption through Strays Halfway House.  

Please call Strays at 630-351-3150.