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Hi I'm Ally !   I am a very sweet young girl.  I'm a brown tabby female with a sprinkle of tortie and the vet says I'm about 1 year old.

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I love to play and be with people.  

As you can see above we love the feather but when resting I've found this nice blue bag which sits by the window in the sun.

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Here I watch the birds as much as possible until he returns with the feather.

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Almost got it, whoops where is it ? 

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Here we are homing in on that feather which is ever so allusive.

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Nah, I've tired of this and off to something else.

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Here is my sprinkle of tortie.  It is prettier in person (get the hint ?).

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I'm staying in Foster Paradise for now but need to find a new place.  My last owners never came for me so Strays is helping me out.  Any chance you'd have room in your home and heart for me ?

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If so, please call (630)351-3150 and tell them you're looking for Ally.

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